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Welcome to Studio Milledisegni

StudioMilledisegni is the new online home/shop for my design studio. In Italian, mille is the word for "thousand" and disegni means "designs/drawings."  My wordplay attempts to capture the abundant spirit of those intricately-patterned millefiori beads, or the luscious layers of a millefeuille pastry, but as relates to the many different avenues that my design work follows.

The preview collection includes a selection of paper goods—cards, invitations, shimmer paper prints, typography posters and calendars*. Most items are customizable, and I'm excited about collaborating to create something that will make celebrations and events even more memorable for you and your family & friends. Complete collections of stationery for weddings and other festive occasions are in progress and will be launching soon.

Several of my designs are also available as notebooks, textiles & tech accessories through studioMdesigns (an offshoot of Studio Milledisegni). Details & links can be found here.

I love designing-creating-making, and my hope is that this passion can bring a little more joy to your everyday life as well.

Thank you for visiting!

Lisa McGarry


* Please note that the 2017 calendars are no longer listed. Next year's calendars will be in the shop this fall.



To learn more about my work and get an idea of the inspiration that lies behind it, you'll find lots more on my personal blog and my personal website/portfolio...or look for me on Instagram.


A little about me...

I am an American artist & writer and have been living in Florence, along with my daughter, since 2004. Art & design are part of every day around here, both in our home & in the city.

My degree in architecture has definitely lent a voice to the different realms of my creative workpainting, photography, design & countless projects involving paper. I love to create one-of-a-kind books, and have also written/illustrated a book that wanders through the history, architecture & everyday life of a dozen of the lovely local squares: The Piazzas of Florence (Murdoch Books, 2008).

Whatever the material or media, it’s the process and effect of layering that most fascinates me...and this is undoubtably one reason I find myself so happily immersed in the intricately layered city of Florence.


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