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A multidisciplinary

art & design studio

in the beautiful city

of Florence, Italy



Welcome to Studio Milledisegni

Studio Milledisegni is the online home and shop for my design studio. In Italian, mille is the word for "thousand" and disegni means "designs" or "drawings."  My wordplay attempts to capture the abundant spirit of those intricately-patterned millefiori beads, or the luscious layers of a millefeuille pastry, but as relates to the many different avenues that my design work follows.

The latest studio collection includes a selection of paper goods—stationery, photographic prints and typography posters. I'm always happy to collaborate on a custom design that will help to make your event or celebration even more memorable.

One of my personal stationery designs is available on Minted; please follow this link to view. I have also listed a gift wrap design on Minted, found at this link, and new collections for weddings and other occasions will be launching this spring.

I love designing | creating | making, and my hope is that this passion can bring a little more joy to your everyday life as well.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Lisa McGarry


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A little about me...

I am an American artist & writer. Along with my daughter, I have lived in Florence since 2004. Art & design are part of every beautiful day around here, both in our home & in the city.

Few things thrill me more than contemplating a blank canvas, sheet of paper or computer screen—or a room or a dish, for that matter—and bringing it to life. Formally educated as an architect, I move between pencil, paint, camera and computer in a very organic creative process. My work is often influenced by nature and geometry, and tends to incorporate a warm, rich palette.

Creating one-of-a-kind books is a passion of mine, and I have also written/illustrated a book that wanders through the history, architecture & everyday rhythms of a dozen of the lovely local squares: The Piazzas of Florence (Murdoch Books, 2008).






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