A thousand leaves

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UPDATE The Millefoglie stationery collection is not currently listed in my shop but will be available via Minted (probably early 2018).

Mille foglie is Italian for "a thousand leaves." This sounds like a lot, but doesn't begin to approach the number of leaves I have painted, drawn and worked with over the last many months! I had no idea what was in store for me when I first started my watercolored leaf pattern sessions last fall; the handful of leaf-inspired invitation and RSVP card designs I had originally envisioned somehow evolved into a fairly extensive suite.

One of my favorite things about the garden-inspired Millefoglie stationery collection is the opportunity to mix and match; I love being able to offer my customers choices, and the chance to be part of the creative process. All together there are eight different designs and numerous elements (more details below), making it easy to create a cohesive invitation suite that perfectly fits your special occasion while expressing your unique style.

Each design is available in three palettes (Fresh, Lush and Dappled), and is professionally printed on heavyweight acid-free cardstock; you can choose either a smooth finish or a texture similar to charcoal/watercolor paper. Shown in the image above, left to right, are: Lighthearted ("Fresh"), Classic ("Dappled"), Carefree ("Dappled"), Minimalist ("Fresh"), Blissful ("Dappled") and Vivacious ("Lush"). The image below offers an idea of the mix-and-match potential: a Blissful Invitation and RSVP are shown with a Joyful Accommodations card and a Classic Directions card (all in the "Dappled" palette).

Available designs  Blissful | Joyous | Convivial | Lighthearted | Carefree | Vivacious | Minimalist | Classic

Available elements  Invitations | RSVPs | Enclosure cards | Place cards | Table numbers | Thank you cards

Studio Milledisegni - Millefoglie wedding and special occasions stationery set


studio milledisegni colornotes stationery set color charts

ColorNotes are here!

We’re all aware of the power of color.

Sometimes you’re in a vibrant red kind of mood; other times it might be a dusty rose—or the color of a stormy sky—that reflects your state of mind.

Your best friend adores sunny yellow, your nephews gravitate toward green, everything your niece wears is purple. Your grandmother is partial to a shade that recalls the rooftops in an Italian hilltop town, and your brother says he doesn’t have a favorite color but his bicycle and slouchy weekend sweater are midnight blue.

The right color makes all the difference. It can make a hard day better, or a great one perfect. Sometimes it does all the talking. But add a couple of well-chosen words and you’ve got yourself a pony show. Whatever your mood, whatever your occasion, there’s a ColorNotes stationery set with your name on it. (Literally, if that’s what you’re looking for.)

With a minimalist design and splashes of gorgeous color, these customizable stationery sets make it easy to mark everything from a birthday to a “just-because” kind of day. Nine separate listings offer endless possibilities for tailoring your cards to match your mood or whim—or that of the recipient! You can choose from two sizes, either flat or folded, and an abundance of colors, greetings and symbols... Click here for more details.

studio milledisegni ColorNotes stationery set sample in Monsoon

Color splash

studio milledisegni stationery - Simply Put

As the world around me fills with new life and colors, so has my studio of late. I've been developing a series of palettes for a new stationery collection, and having a great time working with shades of purple and red and green, and everything in between...

With a clean and modern design, color is the central element of this new line of cards. Shown above is a peak at one of the studio tables, which has been home to countless test prints over the last few weeks. As is common, bits and pieces from around the studio have taken up residence among all the colors and cards. Although the palettes evolved quite organically, i.e. I didn't consciously borrow colors from any of my previous work, many of my favorite photos, paintings and objects "coordinate" quite well with the various groupings...

Much like the watercolored leaf invitation suite mentioned in my last post, the Lush palette echoes the abundance of green that's begun to emerge over the last few weeks. Bouquet is an homage to the audacious blooms that come hand-in-hand with spring, and thoughts of the summer days ahead inspired the colors for Breezy. (A few cards shown in Carnival can be seen on top of my painting, In the Cloister, in the lower-left corner.)

The initial listings for the collection should be in the shop during the first week or two of April, with the still-in-progress leaf-inspired stationery suite to follow this summer. For now...happy spring!


Spring dreaming

studio milledisegni watercoloring leaves (study)

I have been painting a lot of leaves over the last several months, and really love working with the fresh greens and dashes of blue and yellow. The palette makes me think of spring—though this infatuation with painting leaves actually started last fall, when I began developing a leaf-themed invitation suite. I had to set aside unfinished designs in the period leading up to the Studio Milledisegni launch, and as things got settled, but am excited to be back to work on this new collection once again.

In the meanwhile, the repetitive action of painting leaves has become somewhat of a meditation for me; you can see some of my leaf-covered sheets in the image above. Stay tuned for the card designs!

Be mine

studio milledisegni valentines - neutral pastels

I had a wonderful time designing these sets of valentines, which I am offering in three different palettes—pastel-y/neutrals, multicolor, as well as the more traditional colors like red, pink and purple. Their simplicity makes me think of the little candy hearts I remember from childhood; I love the idea of letting a pair of words, a tiny heart and a dash of color do the talking. Great fun to pass out or tuck into secret places, and they would also be lovely set at each place setting around the table.

The cards will be listed in the shop through Valentine's Day (including a digital listing if you'd prefer to print them yourself or email them). Each set includes 5 greetings x 5 colors = 25 unique valentines so that you can choose just the right one for each person on your list. I also found another use for the Studio Milledisegni decorative papers: "confetti" hearts created with a heart-shaped punch...

studio milledisegni valentines - multicolor
studio milledisegni valentines traditional brights


studio milledisegni calendar with paperwhites small.png

With two thousand and seventeen nearly one-twelfth of the way through, here's hoping that January's promise and possibility are beginning to transform into something tangible and inspiring for you!

I seem to spend much of January working on projects that I wasn't able to finish during the fall; this also gives me a chance to settle into the year and get a better idea of how it's going to take shape. Right now I'm finalizing designs for new invitation suites, which has included some pleasant days of watercoloring. I'm also enjoying this next phase of planning what will follow Studio Milledisegni's launch collection; it's reassuring to know that there are still eleven more months of 2017 ahead of us!

Studio Milledisegni calendars will be in the shop for another few weeks. The 12"x18" calendars are available in two designs (Roman Numerals and Continuous), and you can choose from either shades of gray or multicolor. Use the code TWENTY17 at checkout to receive 20% off all calendars...

Paper love

I have been talking about the imminent arrival of my collection of decorative papers since the Studio Milledisegni launch a few weeks ago. What began as a modest cache of designs has somehow become a selection of thirty-two, and they are finally in the shop!

Many of the patterns evolved from illustrations and designs that I created for past projects; others came about when I experimented with digitally recoloring my hand-marbled papers... (Some designs may look familiar if you have seen my studioMdesigns shop, where they appear on cell phone covers, studio pouches, notebooks, etc.)

The different patterns can be combined in endless ways to suit your taste and needs. The 12"x18" sheets are offered in mix & match sets of 8, 12, 20 and 32. You can order a handful, one of each, or anything in between—even thirty-two sheets of a single design if you wish. My hope is that you will have as much fun putting together your own set as I did in assembling the sample ones!

The papers are perfect for wrapping small gifts, lining drawers, creating gift tags or envelope liners, and countless other creative projects. One of my favorite uses so far has been as a book cover. I trimmed one of the marbled papers to wrap around a book that I was giving my daughter for her birthday; with the addition of a bow it initially served as the gift wrap, and has now taken on the role of dust jacket/page marker. (It's the package covered with the marbled design in the last image of this post.)

I'm looking forward to hearing the creative ideas that others come up with!

Phone patterns

It seems like a perfect chance to showcase some studioMdesigns for phone cases, skins & wallets since there's a sale going on today; you'll receive 25% off all models & styles until 11:59PM PT (i.e. California time).

I had such a great time putting together designs for the phone cases. I'm not sure which I like more—the nature-inspired designs (which range from a collection of copper trays that have been developing gorgeous patinas for years to an old steamer trunk that has been in my family ever since I can remember and the many weathered stone surfaces I find while out & about)...or the vibrant splashes of color from my hand-marbled patterns, oil paintings & digital explorations. (Click on the image for a closer view.) One of the best things about phone cases is that they're a snap to change, so it's easy to indulge evolving whims & moods!

Choose from Samsung Galaxy phone cases (for the S3 to the latest S7 Edge) and iPhone cases (for the iPhone 4 to the most recent iPhone 7/Plus). You'll find "snap" cases, as well as a "tough" version, which incorporate a shock-absorbent layer of silicone. (A simple adhesive "skin" fits select phone models; please check the specific listings.) Nifty wallets, in the "book" style with an elastic strap, are available for the full series 6 & 7 iPhones.

Wishing you all a happy & festive December! Thank you for stopping by my studio blog...


Another "room" of StudioMilledisegni has been up and running for a few days (studioMdesigns); this offshoot of my main studio includes a collection of my designs produced by Redbubble, a print-on-demand company. There is some overlap with my original StudioMilledisegni designs, but the products offered go way beyond paper goods: hardcover journals, spiral notebooks, iPhone cases, Galaxy cases, iPad cases, tote bags, unframed or framed art prints...and much more. While you can choose from a number of products for each design, it isn't possible to request customizations via the Redbubble website...but I would be happy to make adjustments (a different scale/cropping/color) for particular products if you wish; just ask!

It's strange to be relinquishing control over the post-design process, but I am very excited about being able to offer my patterns, photos and a handful of oil paintings on such a diverse range of products. I am in love with the zippered studio pouches, which come in two sizes—they have so many day-to-day uses...in the studio, at school, out-and-about (not to mention traveling). I'm also excited about the clocks—a brand new product. There's a sampling of my clock designs in the image above (click to enlarge).

Redbubble offers weekly 24-hour-long sales—sometimes for cell phone cases, other times for throw pillows, duvet covers. or travel mugs; this means that you will pretty much always find some kind of special deal. They also offer frequent site-wide discounts. If you head over to StudioMdesigns now you'll find 20% site-wide savings until 23:59 PT (i.e. California's time zone) on December 1, 2016; look for the code at the top of the website.

I will be highlighting more studioMdesigns items on the my blog in the coming weeks...

The launch

Welcome to StudioMilledisegni, my new online design studio! What a crazy ride this has been; after months of planning, designing, researching, inventing, editing, learning—you name it—I am finally ready to begin sharing all that I have been working on.

One of the most difficult things about an adventure like this is that you never feel you are ready...so many ideas/wishes remain unrealized. My inclination was to keep broadening the range of designs and items that I wanted to offer, and throughout the last year I have waffled between thinking "it's still not enough!" and "wow—look how far I have come."

The selection of designs/items will continue to grow and evolve over the next several months, but now it is time to launch Studio Milledisegni in its fledgling form. I hope you enjoy wandering through the preview collection...

Warmest wishes,

Lisa McGarry