Paper love

I have been talking about the imminent arrival of my collection of decorative papers since the Studio Milledisegni launch a few weeks ago. What began as a modest cache of designs has somehow become a selection of thirty-two, and they are finally in the shop!

Many of the patterns evolved from illustrations and designs that I created for past projects; others came about when I experimented with digitally recoloring my hand-marbled papers... (Some designs may look familiar if you have seen my studioMdesigns shop, where they appear on cell phone covers, studio pouches, notebooks, etc.)

The different patterns can be combined in endless ways to suit your taste and needs. The 12"x18" sheets are offered in mix & match sets of 8, 12, 20 and 32. You can order a handful, one of each, or anything in betweenโ€”even thirty-two sheets of a single design if you wish. My hope is that you will have as much fun putting together your own set as I did in assembling the sample ones!

The papers are perfect for wrapping small gifts, lining drawers, creating gift tags or envelope liners, and countless other creative projects. One of my favorite uses so far has been as a book cover. I trimmed one of the marbled papers to wrap around a book that I was giving my daughter for her birthday; with the addition of a bow it initially served as the gift wrap, and has now taken on the role of dust jacket/page marker. (It's the package covered with the marbled design in the last image of this post.)

I'm looking forward to hearing the creative ideas that others come up with!