studio milledisegni calendar with paperwhites small.png

With two thousand and seventeen nearly one-twelfth of the way through, here's hoping that January's promise and possibility are beginning to transform into something tangible and inspiring for you!

I seem to spend much of January working on projects that I wasn't able to finish during the fall; this also gives me a chance to settle into the year and get a better idea of how it's going to take shape. Right now I'm finalizing designs for new invitation suites, which has included some pleasant days of watercoloring. I'm also enjoying this next phase of planning what will follow Studio Milledisegni's launch collection; it's reassuring to know that there are still eleven more months of 2017 ahead of us!

Studio Milledisegni calendars will be in the shop for another few weeks. The 12"x18" calendars are available in two designs (Roman Numerals and Continuous), and you can choose from either shades of gray or multicolor. Use the code TWENTY17 at checkout to receive 20% off all calendars...