2019 Continuous Calendar - 12"x18" {Grays}

2019 calendar listing image Continuous Grays.png
2019 calendar listing image Continuous Grays.png

2019 Continuous Calendar - 12"x18" {Grays}


Bold, simple, clean. The days of the year take center stage, flowing seamlessly in this understated 2019 calendar. Spread across two pages—January to June & July to December—the sheets can be displayed one at a time, side-by-side or one below the other (and even spliced together to form a continuous display if you wish).

  • If you prefer a different pairing of colors, please reference the Studio Milledisegni color chart below.

  • Weeks begin on Mondays, but can be changed upon request.

  • Once you have clicked the "ADD TO CART" button a special requests form will pop up; please note any customizations there.

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Paper Professionally printed on heavyweight cardstock (uncoated | white | acid-free).

Dimensions The overall dimensions of each page are 12 x 18 inches, and there are two separate sheets.

Studio Milledisegni Color Chart

studio milledisegni custom color chart.png