“Scientific research shows that color...”

Who cares? We’re all aware of the power of color. Sometimes you’re in a vibrant red kind of mood; other times it might be a dusty rose--or the color of a stormy sky-- that reflects your state of mind. Your best friend adores sunny yellow, your nephews gravitate toward green, everything your niece wears is purple. Your grandmother is partial to a shade that recalls the rooftops in an Italian hilltop town, and your brother says he doesn’t have a favorite color but his bicycle and slouchy weekend sweater are midnight blue.

The right color makes all the difference.

It can make a hard day easier, or a great one perfect.

Sometimes it does all the talking. But add a couple of well- chosen words and you’ve got yourself a pony show.

Whatever your mood, whatever your occasion, there’s a ColorNotes stationery set with your name on it. (Literally, if that’s what you’re looking for.)