On layering | The other day I wrote about all of the layers on my bed—from the brown velvet bedspread and white lace-trimmed sheet beneath the woven tray holding a smaller copper one—to the items upon it: a white porcelain saucer with walnut-y toast scattered with brown sugar and cinnamon and the creamy foam swirled through the coffee, echoing the warm neutrals of the hand-glazed cup. I used to enjoy a rich, colorful mix of layered patterns, but have started wondering if my recent move toward simplicity and neutrals means that layers are no longer part of my aesthetic—and that I should rewrite my Bio section on my website. But noticing this impromptu vignette the other day made me realize that I still have a love of layers; it’s just that they are more understated now.



I’ve spent more time this morning on the search for the perfect template. I keep thinking that somehow my new direction will emerge from this exploration, which forces me to imagine my work in a vast array of visual forms. I am very attracted to the full-bleed images and photo galleries that run from edge to edge—but also to any layout that recalls a two-page spread in a book, alternating from two vertical photos side by side to twin text columns to full-with images. Of course it is also possible—especially with these full-bleed templates—to create two-page spreads in AI and then import them as images. That could actually give me a lot of control over the process. And it would be in keeping with the idea that what I’m putting together will either be to showcase either a book or my abilities to an agent/publisher (either to interest them in my book or just who I am and what I can do).