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Welcome to StudioMdesigns, another facet of Studio Milledisegni. There is some overlapping of designs between these two "rooms" of my studio, but the products offered go beyond paper goods. Some of my favorites are the zippered studio pouches, hardcover notebooks, iPhone cases, Galaxy cases, iPad cases, and the brand new clocks. Each item is produced and shipped directly by Redbubble, a print-on-demand company. Even though it isn't possible to request customizations via their website, I would be happy to make adjustments to designs for particular products if you wish; just ask!

To visit various sections of studioMdesigns please click on the links in bold (above & below). Below you will also find a quick overview of production times, shipping & discounts—as well as a preview of some of my collections. Or head straight over to studioMdesigns.

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StudioMdesigns Overview

My collections of textiles, tech items and certain paper goods are available to ship just about anywhere since the Redbubble production centers are located throughout the world. They include patterns I have created in Adobe Illustrator, my own hand-marbled designs that I have then digitally re-colored, and a variety of textures from natural surfaces like stone, metal, oil/water. A few of my oil paintings are also offered as prints + on a handful of other products, as are photos from my daily wanderings and travels. I love the range of media, and things like the option to have my Arno river and Venice lagoon reflection photos printed on a metal substrate (I think the images of the water reflections also work well on the stainless steel travel mugs).

The majority of studioMdesigns items will print and ship within one to three business days (Monday through Friday, except national holidays). You will find specific production & shipping time frames in each listing; they vary according to the type of item and your shipping address. Tracking is available for some orders, in which case the details will be visible on your orders page (as well as on the shipping email you receive from Redbubble).

Redbubble offers frequent 24-hour discounts--sometimes for their cell phone/iPad/laptop skins & covers; other times for their cute zippered studio pouches--or tote bags or spiral notebooks, unframed or framed art prints. This means that you will often find a special deal on my studioMdesigns; they also hold site-wide sales from time to time. The savings are advertised at the top of each page of the Redbubble website.

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